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Wedding photo book #8


Final product that my wedding couples get is unique photo book created by their desires. Today, you can look at a variety of photo book of my couples and so as my sample photo book for wedding season 2015. My couples can choose between different types of covers. I really want that every wedding photo book is unique like my couples are. All photo books are handmade in Italy and are really special. The first was made of gray cloth and the ribbon is made of artificial leather.

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0001 2

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0002

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0003

Spodnja je moja vzorčna foto knjiga za poročno sezono 2015. Predvsem mi je všeč, ker so barve platnice minimalistične, tisk pa je tako kot vedno vrhunski.

The following is my sample photo book for wedding season 2015. In particular, I like it because the colors of hardcover are minimalistic, and the print is superb as always.

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0004

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0005

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0006

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0007

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0008

mojfokus-porocna-fotografija-porocno-fotografiranje-porocna-foto-knjiga 0009

Have a nice day.

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