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Wedding photo book #7


Of course, it's very important how the final product looks like. And because I want that couple i satisfied with it as much as possible, we usually edit it together. We choose photos together (of course, I can  choose them myself, if necessary), and then I took care for the design and send the final version in PDF, that the couple can get the picture how the final album will look like. If they agree with layouts and the design, I send PDF for print at the printer company. You can choose a few different formats of the album (landscape, portrait or square). There's also a wide selection of different covers. Teja in Matjaž decided for a cover with artificial leather with pattern and with photo on the first side. Pages are printed on high quality silk paper, lined on a cardboard base. And all that provides an exceptational product – for marveles, everlasting memory on the most beautifull day!

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mojfokus-porocna-foto-knjiga 0002

mojfokus-porocna-foto-knjiga 0003

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Have a nice sunny weekend. :)

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