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Wedding photo book 3

That’s it: now I can share with you another wedding photo book. As much as I’m concerned, this is a surplus from every point of view. Everything was put together: wonderful surrounding, a beautiful day, cheerful wedding guests and of course, playful, funny bride and the groom, Anja and Zvone. That’s how really nice photos have been born. I was very pleased at the first “quick-check” already. But anyway, the real enthusiasm is still to come! Why? Because photos start a complete new life when you put them together in such amazing product as this photo book is. The design of a cover totally like I prefer: adorned with a metal plate with engraved  names (minimalism rules!).

Like any novel, a wedding photo book also needs to include some story: with an introduction, core (peak performance, if you like) and a conclusion. From my point of view, the purpose of a wedding photo book is that you can really feel the energy of the wedding day, even if  you weren’t there.

I wish you a nice Thursday. :)