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Engagement - Litija: Vesna+Miha


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I am so happy that my couples let me go so close to them and that they trust me, because this is the only way that I can capture such a precious moments. And V&M has not been any exception. One of the few shooting this year, where we managed to catch a little sun rays and those colors ... oooh I really want to have more days like this :) As always, we do make engagement photosession at two different locations. The first one was in an abandoned castle and the second one was on the field at the rail. Both were something special. When I have any of my photosessions I always come on location one hour before the family or couple arrives, because I have time to find hidden corners like this one. mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0001 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0002 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0003 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0004 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0005 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0006 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0007 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0008 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0009 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0010 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0011 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0012 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0013 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0014 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0015 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0016 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0017 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0018 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0019 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0020 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0021 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0022 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0023 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0024 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-litija-vesna-miha 0025

Za konec pa ena pravljična...kombinacija njune silhuete s fotografijo mavrice, ki sem jo posnela par dni pred samim zaročnim fotkanjem.

For the end I am showing you one double-exposure image with their silhuette and an image of rainbow, that I shoot few days before their engagement session. Pure magic.

Imejte krasen začetek vikenda...sonček bo :) / Have a great start of a weekend :)

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