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Engagement - Rakitna: Mateja+Miha


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I still remember their mail: Wedding 06.14.2014 - we decided for you! I started jumping around the room and already preparing for our first meeting, that I will show them our products and our way of working. We met last year in our cute café Park on Vrhnika, which has just opened its doors. If possible it`s possible I come on a meeting couple of minutes before the agreed hour to prepare a laptop with photo film, photo books, contract and other paperwork, and so I can wait on each pair peacefuly. As soon as they entered the cafeteria, I knew that they were the right ones. They were smiling and I could see it in their eyes that they are in love to the moon and back ... and that you simply can not miss. :) After a couple of months, we agreed for the location of the their engagement session and they chose a beautiful lakeside place named Rakitna. They told me a little about themselves and what they are their hobbies, because if possible I include their hobbies in their engagement story. They are both fitness enthusiasts and Miha even multiple Ironman participantSo you probably know why we had such a dynamic photo session. :) Ufff, I can only sayhats off mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0001 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0002  mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0003 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0003-1   mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0004 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0005 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0006 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0007 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0008 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0009 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0010 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0011 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0012 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0013 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0014 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0015 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0016 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0017 mojfokus-predporocno-fotografiranje-rakitna-mateja-miha 0018

Mateja in Miha, hvala vama za tako zabaven dan in predvsem hvala, ker sta me spustila tako blizu in mi dovolila, da ujamem vajino ljubezen v najlepši možni luči. 

Za konec pa meni zelo ljuba fotografija. Kombinacija zaročnega prstana s fotografijo silhuete ob sončnem zahodu. Slika res pove lahko več kot tisoč besed. Enostavno in všečno!

Mateja and Miha, thany you for such a fun day and especially thank you, because you let me go so close and and allow me to catch yours love in the best possible way.

And for the end: image that tells more than thousand words. Combination of engagement ring shot and their silhouette.

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