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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my website MOJFOKUS photography. My name is Neža Plestenjak and I am destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Slovenia.

Photography means a lot to me, but I also love music - different genres. Currently I am a huge fan of Mumford & Sons. 

By soul eternal dreamer and romantic, but otherwise a girl who is ready to try really hard to achive and to do everything to succeed. This is me. And this is what I like about photography. Every project is a new challenge, a new opportunity for learning, testing, and creativity ..... enjoying while working.

Photographic passion has long been a part of my everyday life, but the first real, professional beginnings was 5 years ago. The first condition: good camera. I still remember how thrilled was, when I got it as a gift - memorable. Since then full training, thousands and thousands of photos, a few satisfied customers, but also some kiks, criticism - but everything that has helped me (and is still helping) to build my own photographic character. It˙s really nice to work where you get to know a lot of beautiful people from where you can easily pump inspiration, motivation. Caught a mysterious look, eternal kiss, first smile, sparkle in the eyes of the youngest (and also a little older :)) or the last drop of rain before sunrise the day. There is nothing better!

I am grateful to everyone who took the time to review my website. This is me, and if you like what I do, I'm on a good way.

Now, let’s connect so that I can hear all about you!

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