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Wedding photo book #6


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Poročni dan je bil magičen, saj je bila na tisti dan prava zimska pravljica. In ko to spraviš še na papir ... AMAZING!

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Wedding - Castle Sneznik: Neja + Robert


Well, I made it. Website is done, it works as it should, and finally (just before the start of the new wedding season) I publish one last wedding of last year.

Neja and Robert have chosen for theri wedding day last Saturday before Christmas. We had sunshine, snow and great location. Perfect!

First impression? Difficult to find someone who would be so meant to be together as Neja and Robert. Athletes at heart and a great devotee of a healthy lifestyle, tuned with nature and a desire for spiritual growth.

On the wedding day, we met early in the morning when in hairdress salon RM. Despite the early hour, I was in the saloon wenches greeted by a bunch of girls. I knew that this will be magical. When Neja and her sister were done with hairstyle we went to her "ex" home, where preparations were already underway. Hand in hand Neja and sister Ana waiting for groom to come. For me the most beautiful moment is, when the bride and groom first see each other. All the wedding guests as newlyweds are very emotional and with tears in their eyes.

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The civil ceremony was at the castle Snežnik. Landscape was slightly covered with snow and it looked like in fairy tale. While other wedding guests enjoy at glass of delicious wine and, we went on a longer "walk" around the castle and made ​​some great shots. Relaxed, smiled and full of positive energy Neja and Robert gave images a special charm so that they become something special.

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Because the winter days are much shorter, we start with the wedding reception a little bit faster. The first dance of the bride and groom danced on the rhythms of Gibonni ("totaly in my taste"). Gibonni lyrics are full of emotion, and the song is just perfect Libar commemorate the beginning of something beautiful .... Neja and Robert: Have your love last forever and have a lot of unforgettable moments together.

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I wish you all great start of a weekend.

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